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bighoward's Journal

Big Hearted Howard DeVore
26 May
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Born in Illinois in 1925, moved to Detroit at 6 months, moved back to Illinois in 1930 because of the depression, lived on a series of farms, went to a one-room schoolhouse, lived in a log cabin "tenant farmer quarters" in a very small town. My father made a living by whatever means was necessary, including making moonshine and stealing coal. Moved back to Detroit in 1934, lived in a series of houses that are now considered ghettos, though we didn't know it then... was quite poor until I quit school at the age of 16, have been employed in various construction trades, auto factories, and was crazy enough to work for the Post Office for 22 years.

Been retired 14 years, now... in poor health and I've already lived far longer than I expected to. Having lived this long I have no fear of dying.