Oakwood Hospital

Just got a note from Joyce that Howard is in Oakwood Hospital again, I called and he is just feeling tired and hasn't been able to get any sleep because his lungs have been so bad. I am going out of town for the weekend if anyone else can check on him, he expects they might let him out no sooner than Monday. Replies to this post will go to his email, which he doesn't have access to right now.


Oakwood Hospital

Howard is in the hospital again, Oakwood room 677. I went to see him last night, he was feeling too tired to talk, but I'm going back at lunchtime today. The direct line to his room phone is 313-436-3350, he said it was okay to post this to his journal and let people know... phone calls and silly cards would probably be appreciated. Replies to this post will go to his email, which he doesn't have access to right now.


Howard's daughter says:

I remain optimistic (my sisters call me the queen of denial :) what do they know! ). Doctor has done about 8 different major tests and a few minor ones, and by tonight they finally ticked him off after leaving him laying on a gurney in a hallway for a couple of hours this afternoon. He is feeling better so I guess it's time to bitch that he wants out of there. His doctor just called me, and said that tests show that he most likely won't need the chest tube, after being treated with IV fluids and steroids. He does say though that probably much of this is caused by the heart failure getting worse. Will probably send him home on Thursday, according to my dad, "after they've sucked all they can out of Blue Cross". He told me that he had talked to you by phone, and that you might stop by. Weds the 24th would probably be good as I don't think they have anything scheduled for then - just waiting for more test results.

Hope you had a great time in the UK



People in the Detroit area will know that Detroit puts on a huge fireworks show around the 4th of July. I suppose it drew 200,000 people Tuesday night. The biggest crowd was at the foot of Woodward ave. My daughter Karol & granddaughter Jill were in the center of things. After the fire works display there was a little one. Some guy was fighting over a woman so he pulled a gun and firing into the crowd shot 9 people, none are dead yet and maybe won't be. Karol and Jill decided to leave abruptly. I'm told that they did not win but they certainly took 'place' and 'show'. Howard


I had to see a Urologist for an exam today. I went into the exam room, there was a man in a white coat standing there so I told him i was there for "show and tell". He explained that he was not a doctor but rather the doctor's assistant.

I asked him if I could be examined by a woman doctor, explaining that tomorrow is my birthday and you could think of it as a sort of birthday present.



Things are getting really bad in Iraq. They're killing almost as many people every week as they are in Detroit!


Well chad hasn't made up his mind so he still isn't engaged but he did take my advice and went window shopping at Zeidman's ( For those not familiar with Zeidman's its a two story pawn shop at Gratiot and Mt Elliott- a whole block long )

Zeidman's hAS BEEN THERE FOR OVER 90 YEARS AND HAS SEEN much action during its existance.

Chad asked, "Well, what if I get married and decide I've made a mistake ?" I told him to invest in a shotgun alsao in case he needs a quick divorce. Howard

Don't fool with the Honkey

Some of yoy know that my daughter Suzy teaches Kindergarden in Highland Park. A lousy job but they give her combat pay. She had noticed onew boy who seemed to have bruises, etc. Then he didn't come to school for a few days and another kid told her he had a broken arm. She suspected child abuse and started asking questions. she became convinced of it and said this is going to stop. She called child abuse, they said they'd investigate and she said I'll call you next week. In Highland Park you don't take anthing for granted. She's been following the case. The arm had been set wrong and will have to be re broken. Tuesday of this week the principal told her, the mother had called and left a message "I'm going to come to school and fuck up that honky bitch". She asked if Suzy was afraid and Suzy said "No, the first thing she does every morning is smoke some crack and by that time she can't can't even find the door knob".
The next day she called and apolized. ( But Suzy had the state patrolman walk her to her car anyway)

Yesterday they had the woMAN IN COURT AND i'M EAGER TO LEARN HOW IT all turned out. Meantime Suzy has learned that they have no heat, lights or water in the house. Mamma gets ADC but she spends most of it for crack cocaine. Another of the kids said she wishes they could get the water turned on, so she could take a bath. Oh, they could get heat, water, and lights but to do that somebody offical has to come to check them out and she knows that will also bring Protective Services around.

Meanwhile I'm giving Suzy my policemen's aluminun flashlight. It holds five D batteries and didn't work when I bought it a few years ago. But its still a flashlight -- not a weapon. and it gives one a nice comforting feeling lying on the car seat beside you. Howard


I don't know if I'll vote this time but I'm sure I won't be voting for Howard Dean. He didn't spend any time in Nam. As I understand it he passed his physical but then he brought a note from his doctor .... saying that he couldn't go to Viet Nam ..... that he wasn't allowed to fight because he might break his glasses. Howard

Amateur Press Associations

Last FAPA mailing was 448 pages, 50 members, 43 fanzines, one member contributed 4 zines, most of which were 1 page but one of 12 pages, one member did 3, and a couple others contributed 2. The fantasy commentator was a double issue this time, bound together & printed. 30 years ago it varied widely, but generally, there were 65 members and most mailings averaged well over a hundred pages. When there were special occaisions like the 200th mailing about 15 years ago everyone tried to get into it, and it was at least 800 pages. It feels like the size has shrunk, though, because there's no particular prestige in doing it anymore, and instead of having a 5-year waiting list to get on, there's no real wait anymore.

I have been in SAPS over 50 years, and have been OE of it, the first time I did it, about 50 years ago, it was about 30 pages. Probably about 30 or 40 pages in the 60's, and the most recent one was 50, but it really feels things have shrunk. Back in the old days, the propaganda and tricks we were sending out consisted of a lot more pages than the actual mailing. One time when I was doing the collating I included one real official publication and three fakes, so you couldn't figure out which was the real one. I sent a withdrawal from Nancy Share for the OE election one time and faked a return address of a Pennsylvania home for wayward girls, asking everyone to vote for good old George. She got upset and came back with something else, then I issued a statement from George's wife Mary saying he'd always wanted to be OE of SAPS and if he didn't make it this time he didn't think it ever would, and if something happened to him Mary and I would finish stuff for the next year, someone in Wyoming actually believed he was dying. I published something saying Wally was running around naked in Seattle baying at the moon, and this was a reason not to elect him. Ray Ballard out in ND was accepting the votes, and he was on Nancy's side, issuing progress reports on the voting about once a week, and I don't know exactly how I rigged it, but there were 8 people that hadn't voted, and I sent a message out saying that 4 people hadn't voted, naming them, and that the votes stood like so, and I said "no matter how they voted, George has a clear majority, so let's make this one election where everybody votes, go ahead and vote for whoever you want, and we'll get a 100% turnout". I made up a different version, naming the other 4 people separately, making it seem like they might as well get on the winning side. In the meanwhile, Nancy was writing to each of them, promising each one that she'd appoint him vice-president. She won, and wound up with 34 vice-presidents in a club that didn't have a president, because the only office was OE. I sent her the money, as outgoing OE, as a money order so I got a reciept. I then claimed that it was a fraudulent election, and I was not going to send her the money. She retorted that she'd gotten the money, and I claimed that she was using her own money because it was a fraudulent election. I got a list of the 12 Detroit fans who used to be in SAPS, and told Nancy that they all wanted on the waiting list, at which point she put 20 of her relatives on the waiting list. Then I went down to the corner, cut 2 pages out of the phone book and asked her to put these people on the waiting list, and she wrote me back saying the joke was over and she wasn't going to type out 400 names. Nowadays we don't even have elections unless someone particularly wants to run, and nobody has. Dick and Nicki Lynch did it for a while, said they were going to stop, and if someone else didn't take over SAPS was going to die, Art Rapp took over for a while, got people back, and then he resigned and Toskey out in Seattle took over and has done it for over ten years.

I actually published a history of the SAPS mailings, with graphs, for SAPS over 25 years ago. I had special size paper cut to fit it, and used a special mimeo, and Chad can't convince me to do one now because the paper would be too big, no matter what he says these newfangled computers will do!



Someone asked how I knew Katy ? I dson't really understand this whole thing. I still don't know how to add people to Live Journal,either she put me on or someone else did. I've been getting her posts since I got on Live Journal. Howard